• IT-Sicherheit – So baut man einen Festplatten-Umschalter ein
    Dies war eine Meldung im September 2020: „Auf Webseiten gezeigte Bannerwerbung leitet zu anderen Seiten weiter, die Schadcode enthalten und Sicherheitslücken des Browsers ausnutzen. Daraufhin kann Malware auf dem infizierten System installiert und persönliche Informationen ausgespäht werden.“ Diese Angriffe geschehen permanent. Die IT-Sicherheit ist bedroht wie nie. Wer sich schützen will, muss zu außergewöhnlichen Maßnahmen […]
  • Why you need several SSDs in your PC
    See these SSDs? In a typical system you only have one of them: SSD A (can also be a hard disk). It has your Windows and your files: Your personal stuff like financial data, health information, your nude pics, your passwords and so much more! With it you do your taxes, receive emails, surf the […]
  • Tips for using the Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick with Kodi
    If you are considering to buy an Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick but have the same questions as I had before, here are a few tips and answers. In this post I will not explain what Kodi is (the best media center software we have) or how to configure it. You will find many how-to‘s […]
  • Prevent Spam from Contact Forms in WordPress
    We received too much spam through the contact form of one of our websites. Here‘s what I did to fix the problem in a way that is more pleasant for the user than captchas, I hope:
  • This is what Techno sounds like
    Sometimes I am asked what Techno sounds like. Here are some examples. (When Soundcloud greys out the sound display, click the X in the right upper corner.) If you want to listen to these, I suggest good speakers or headpones. A bit of a warning. If you are not used to this kind of music […]