Day 15 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here.

Today I want to go to two clubs: The Sisyphos and the Wilde Renate. Both should be open during the day today but maybe I misunderstood Renate’s announcement (or do suffer from idiocy): The door is closed when I arrive.

With no other plans for today, I decide to spend the day in the Sisyphos Club in two blocks (about 5 hours each).

Sisyphos Club

If you re-enter after noon, they put an additional large stamp on your arm (see header image) and you need to pay a new stamp fee of 5 Euros. The regular fee is 12 or 15 Euros, I cannot remember which.

They do no allow photos inside, but there are some here.

The Sisyphos:

  • …has a large outside lounge area. They put art in there, a pool with goldfish, seating in various states of cleanliness. There’s even the obligatory fire breathing, droning organ there, which makes you think of Mad Max.
  • …feeds you: Coffee, cake, tasty pizza and much more! At last I get coffee in a club! You can spend the whole weekend in this place. I only would dread using the toilets.
  •  …plays electronic music in 3 areas. Some of which was not to my taste (but who cares). I found the Techno I heard too disrupted (Dropping the bass every minute? Can’t you just let it flow?). That might have changed with the next DJ, though.

I would hang out here again, less for the music but for the pleasant atmosphere, the outside area, the relaxed crowd.