Day 11 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here. Day 10 does not exist as I had to recover from the Tresor all day.

Many Museums in Berlin are closed on Mondays, so I drive to the periphery of the city to visit the citadel.

If you are into this kind of thing, the citadel is worth a visit. They have several museums in it, the whole compound is nice to look at (many twisting little passages, all different), pleasantly green and surrounded by water.

Staircase in the tower

Humans: Inventive when it comes to killing each other.

One of the museums in it has contemporary art. I see one thing (impossible to photograph) that surprises me and I understand how clever the artist (Hartmut Böhm) is indeed.

Afterwards I drive back into the center to the Pergamon Museum. Hey, not lines on this Monday afternoon!
Their main attraction is the Ishtar Gate, but the whole museum is impressive.

Ishtar Gate

Hungry now, I walk to the Tadshikische Teestube.

I decide to sit on the floor, not on a chair, and know soon, that chairs were invented for a reason.

English Afternoon Tea with cream. Not clotted, but I guess you can’t have everything.

I assume every tourist is morally obligated to take a photo of the tower of Alexanderplatz.


Tonight being a Monday, I find no interesting Techno anywhere. But I learn that the VOID Club has Liquid Drum & Bass!

In the VOID

I have a small collection of Drum & Bass, but never heard any in club. This should be interesting.

If you don’t know what it sounds like, here’s a set:

When you go to the VOID, bring your passport. They mean it! The VOID has the usual grunge look, so I feel right at home.

Drum & Bass is faster than Techno. More beats per minute. I had no idea how anyone can dance to that. Now I know.

Imagine some free-form, happily hopping-around like you’d do in your living room. And quite fast.

It really gets interesting if you do it like the woman I see over there, who matches the speed of her footwork with the 150 bpm (or so) of the music. It looks a bit like this (only better):

If you like fast, high-energy dancing (or to lose some calories), this might be for you. Just try to do it for an hour or two and you know, what I mean.

I like the sets I hear. Especially the 2nd one is very dynamic and has a great flow. I also like the club. Good vibes, well stocked bar with reasonable prices.

The VOID Club plays genres that I don’t encounter often, like Dubstep or Psytrance, and also the usual ones. I’d check the VOID out.