Day 13 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here.

If one is in Berlin, it is not a bad idea at all, to visit Potsdam and the castles. The park of Sanssouci is breathtaking. It is very large and has many interesting things to see.

I am too lazy to type. Others have described the park better than I could do it.

New Palace

One of the many rooms inside the New Palace

Orangery Palace

Sanssouci Palace. Somewhere up there.

Here’s more on Sanssouci Palace.

In the evening I want to go to the Golden Gate Club, but as the KitKatClub is near, I go there first. Because I am curious – and today I might get in.

You need to adhere to their dress code, which varies, depending on the event. Check the website! And these images.

The KitKatClub is a mix between a Techno club (at least tonight, where they play Techno) and a swinger club. There are heterosexual people, gay people and everything in between in a happy and friendly coexistence in here.

If you are into sex, this place is tough to beat. If you are into sex with Techno and a very friendly crowd (and a friendly staff), this place probably is impossible to beat.

The sets I hear tonight are very good. Maybe not as “hypnotic” as in the Tresor last weekend, but they are a great fit for the room and the crowd. I recognize some tracks by Enrico Sangiuliano.

Left and right of me I notice (impossible not to) a lot of activities between consenting adults that have nothing do with music. As a good husband I am not interested in those. After 4 hours I leave and walk to the Golden Gate Club.

The Golden Gate (the header image shows the outside) is small, the interior very basic (to put it mildly). But who cares? People come here because of the music. I hear some great Techno tonight.