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17 Days and 16 Nights in Berlin – Day 4 – Daimler, Gropius, Raster.Index

Day 4 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here.


Google Maps said the museum Hamburger Bahnhof (contemporary art) is open today, but it isn’t. Better check their own website next time. So I walk to the Daimler Art Collection.

It is a few kilometers, but I am listening to a Techno set, so the pace is brisk.

I buy a newspaper from a homeless person. She says she’s selling them for 16 years now. She cannot get a regular job because she has no permanent address, and cannot get a permanent address because she has no job. Hmm…

The Daimler Art Collection in Berlin does not exactely go our of their way to attract a big numer of visitors (hooray to that), so the entrance can be missed easily. Keep your eyeballs peeled.
The place is not huge. Currently there’s a nice exhibition with Chinese and international art.

An interpretation of Duchamps bottle dryer. You can read the text by increasing the image size.

I walk past Potsdamer Platz.

Lawn, trash, cheesy looking architecture.
Cynic or ironic?

Arrived at the impressive (also on the inside) Gropius Bau. They have the exhibition: Covered in Time and History: Die Filme von Ana Mendieta, about the movies of this artist. (Photos forbidden)

Inside the Gropius Bau

Near Checkpoint Charlie (which does not interest me, of course) is Frau Tonis Parfum, a nice shop where they have locally made perfumes. Smelled good.

In the evening: MONOM and Raster.Index.

The MONOM has a hall with 16 columns of 3 speakers each (48 in total). Impressive to behold and hear.

“At the heart of MONOM is the 4DSOUND system. 4DSOUND is a creative and technical collective exploring spatial sound as a medium, collaborating with over 100 artists during a decade long period of research, experimentation and public performances to create the most advanced spatial sound system in the world.  This one of a kind instrument immerses up to 400 people inside 48 omnidirectional speakers suspended throughout the venue, extending to 9 powerful subs submerged beneath an acoustically transparent floor.”

“On April 30 (Tanz in den Mai), high-profile German electronic record label and artistic platform Raster will present a further »raster. index« showcase night, this time at Funkhaus Berlin.”


This Raster.Index had 5 artist producing electronic music. Some of the pieces were outstanding.  Lars Hemmerling took a short video:

Territories Emphemeres by Dasha Rush

Gepostet von Lars Hemmerling am Montag, 30. April 2018

I am sitting next to a woman who turns out to be Lola Luc, a DJane who regulary performs in the Blitz Club in Munich (where I live). She knows a thing or two about electronic music.

The event was packed. Very diverse audience. Pleasant vibes. It took place in the “Funkhaus Berlin”, the former GDR broadcasting station. At 2 in the morning I leave.
The taxi driver tells me about the races between them and the Uber drivers and has two of them on this ride himself.