Day 5 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here.

Today is May 1st. Unbelievable! Where I am, in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, almost everybody (except old people, who seem to prefer to stay at home today, as I see none) is on the streets.

The city feels transformed. Several streets are blocked for traffic. What a huge crowd. Every few steps a DJ is playing music on the lawn. The noise is considerable. I am near the Oberhafenkantine and are bombarded by 3 or 4 DJs at the same time from all directions.

In all this the air smells strangely good. Like fresh grass. I feel like in Amsterdam.

I got an invitation the day before for an event with Electro music (I think it was Electro).
“1st of May Rémi’s Tour de Trouble #5 x Kollektiv Spieltrieb”  Went there, stayed for a while, found the music OK but much to loud. So I left and wandered the streets. Later my friend Travis, who lives not far from here, joins me.

Pictures I took west of Görlitzer Park:

Club der Visionäre

If you like serious partying, you might consider going to Berlin on a 1st of May.

Well, that was my program for today (I got up late).

Around midnight I went to Griessmuehle, another Techno club.

Again waiting in a line

Giessmuehle is in a building in a former industrial area, now run down. They have an outside area of the kind you need to like in order to tolerate it there. Full of industrial junk, an old car, other stuff over there. I find it relaxed and interesting. Open fire outside, lots of places to sit, hide, walk around, …

The bouncer asks people reasonable questions:

“Do you know who plays tonight?”
“No? Why are you here if you don’t?”
“Where are you from?”
“How old are you?”

Inside is intense. The interior design goes well with the outside appearance. The smoke in here is terrible, for the first time on this trip my eyes burn. Man (I’m tempted to shout), this place is RAW!

But on the other hand…

I like the music they are playing tonight. I like it even better what I heard (so far!) in the Berghain.
Let me explain (which is not easy because I lack the know how):

In the Berghain (so far!!) I heard a bass heavy, stomping hard Techno. That’s all well because all Techno is good, but this Techno hammers you onto the dancefloor (so to speak), I feel.

I prefer a different kind. The one which is sometimes referred to as “hypnotic”. With “long synth lines” (whatever that means). 😀

There is nothing wrong with being hammered every now and then, but hypnotic Techno lifts you off the ground, instead. I like that more. That’s what they are playing tonight. They also played that style in the Suicide Circus, by the way.