Day 6 of my Berlin diary. Day 1 is here.

My lifestyle is taking its toll. I am tired. Through lack of sleep my strength is fading. This morning things have been awful. Worse luck, the temperature has dropped and I am horribly cold. The food, once welcomed, has  become unbearably stale. Barely find the time to write this diary. Things looking very black indeed.

Ups! Sorry. Thought I was Scott for a moment.

It’s not soo bad, although I am tired indeed. My waking hours have shifted into the night.  I like his hotel, the breakfast is O.K., but always the same.  My legs felt tired for the whole day. As I regard this an experiment (“When will I break?”), I carry on.

Today I visited the Urban Nation museum.

“URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange. Since September 2017 URBAN NATION shows under the leitmotif “Connect. Create. Care.” that the house is far more than a museum.”

They do show interesting street and urban art:

After the museum I walked through the Europa Center. I had to walk quickly through it, because I felt it sucked my life force out of me.

What were they thinking?

The exhibition about Banksy is in a shopping complex named Bikini.

The Bikini does not make you suicidal immediately

No, I’m not! Now leave me alone with your cheap sales tricks!

From the Bikini one can look into some animal enclosures of the Berlin Zoo.

Monkeys: Less entertaining than humans, but more reasonable

The exhibition was too small for the price and nothing really to write home about. Some images of Banksys art. (The header image is also by Banksy.)

Because I feel tired, I decided to relax a little in the Liquidrom. Turned out, I had the wrong idea about their floating pool.

Once I was in a sensory deprivation tank, where you float in a closed tank, in  darkness, with no sound, on water, that is saturated with salt. (If you are a claustrophobic masochist, that should be your thing!) The water is about 30cm deep.

Roof of the Liquidrom

I thought the pool in the Liquidrom would be similar, only deeper, but it is not. It’s a regular, albeit quiet pool in semi-darkness. You float with the help of floatation thingys.

Photo by Liquidrom

But that it soo relaxing! I could have floated in this pool for hours. I cannot remember any moment of my life, when I felt as relaxed as in here.

At midnight I walked to the AVA Club.

Party in full swing

The AVA is a relatively small Techno club, which is my no means a bad thing. I liked it in there. Good vibes, and they played a lot of good tracks.

Today, on a Wednesday, I made an unusual observation: I felt I was dressed inappropriately, for the first time in a club. While I was blatantly displaying certain (boring) characteristics of my body, the other guests looked like they just came from a lecture at their university.

That was odd.

In places like the aforementioned Berghain I never have that feeling. There I rather could be tempted to undress some more. (I would never take my pants of, though, my legs being so ridiculously short and thin.)