All week long I am looking forward to going to the KW. When I get there today:

Oh nooooooooooo!!!!

A Berlin backyard in the area

Not far (there is a lot of art here) is the Museum Frieder Burda.  It is quite small but has interesting pieces. One is about smell, there’s a video installation (header image) and video art in VR.

Haus Schwarzenberg is “a place of art, culture and history”. Inside I am reminded again of Christiania in Copenhagen.

They cultivate the look of the place in this otherwise almost impeccable neighborhood.

I am very proud of me! What a man! Managed to NOT buy a pair of trousers form this English tailor. Interesting garment, but not outrageous enough for me. She makes the clothes right here.

There’s also a museum about a man who had a factory here where he employed and protected blind Jews during the Nazi-Regime.

I go to the Hamburger Bahnhof. They exhibit modern art in this large museum.

Those were real people

Modern art takes space

Come closer!

Large indeed

Sarah Wiener operates the restaurant of the museum. I find a tasty vegan dish. With coffee I eat a bland tasting regular cake.

At dinner I meet Anna. She lives here for 4 years now and never went to a Techno club. She wonders why I like to do that (non-smoker and all). Here’s what I say:

Imagine a winter day. You are cold. You have prepared  a hot bath of exactly the right temperature. You slide into the water and every fiber of your body moans …  Oooohhhhhh  and … Ummmmm..  and such. Utter bliss!

Or remember the sensation you feel in your body the 1 or 2 seconds right before and after an orgasm. Bliss! (In between one is too busy, they say*.)

(* I am quoting from other people’s experience here. As an engineer I never had an orgasm, of course! We leave those messy things to the touchy-feely types. I think.)

Imagine now that you could extend these moments of utter bliss from mere seconds to a minute. Wooooow!!!

And that’s why I go to Techno clubs. If the DJ plays the tracks I like, I get that feeling. Wooooooow!!! For many minutes! Several times during the night!

And only in a club. I cannot reproduce the sensation at home like I also cannot tickle myself.

In the night:
://about blank, a small Techno club. It is the typical run-down affair. I like it here. The guest are Techno lovers, not tourists (like me).

Really! Clueless tourists who stumble into a Techno club and do the touristy thing IN GROUPS  (“Look girls, I’m, like, dancing in this, like, cool place that I found on Instagram!”) destroy the vibes!