Charlottenburg looks nicer than the areas of Berlin that I usually frequent. There’s this palace, but I am interested in other things.

The Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg currently shows surreal art (see also the header image).

Not a spaceman

From 1917!

Totally dada!


Next event coming up. Gotta go.

There is a tunnel at the end of the light

I go to a talk about the situation of prostitutes (“WER HAT ANGST VOR DER HURE? Sexarbeit und Unbehagen”). It takes place at the Sprechsaal. They seem to be active in feminism and art.

I find the talk itself quite boring.

I learned of it from a Facebook friend: Salome Balthus. She’s in the audience, together with her friend Zoe Zolá. Both of them are escorts (and also found the talk so-so).

We have a pleasant conversation after the event (for me at least) and both ladies are as intelligent, witty and pretty as their website leads you to believe. I hope to impress them by trying to make some clever conversation, but Zoe turns very word around in my mouth and I stand there like a mumbling idiot.

Travis comes to the rescue and we head off to an electronics music performance that was announced as THE SHIT. But it turns out to be some lame event for sales people of a synthesizer fair or so, therefore we leave and go again to the Suicide Circus, for which we have free passes.

Tonight is not good. The 1st and 2nd DJs are not to my liking, and the VJ (for the video) was terrible.
I go back to my room in the “Holiday Inn City East Side”.

The hotel is perfectly located for my activities: Close to a major subway station, sitting right between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg (“where things are happening”), and close to clubs like Ava, Suicide Circus, Chalet, Berghain, Watergate, …