Prevent Spam from Contact Forms in WordPress

We received too much spam through the contact form of one of our websites.

Here‘s what I did to fix the problem in a way that is more pleasant for the user than captchas, I hope:

The website is based on WordPress. It uses the contact-form-7 plugin for forms. It does not use captchas or „I am no robot“. They are too inconvenient, complex or time consuming for the user.

Instead I installed the plugin, which works quite well. But in the last days some spam came through nevertheless.

To stop that I am using a quiz in Contact Form 7 now, in addition to the honeypot. All you need to do is to enter a line into the contact form like so:

[quiz capital-quiz „The capital of Japan?|Tokyo“]


[quiz some-quiz „Which is bigger, 4 or 9?|9“]

The user or the spambot can only send the form after answering the question correctly.

I am using a modification of this method: A quiz plus an image which is displayed next to the quiz. The quiz looks like this:

[quiz my-quiz „Please enter the word on the sign pointing to the right.|Love“]

This is the image. I built it from material on Pixabay:

The user (or the spambot) has to look at the image, ignore the easy to read words, find the signs, identify the one pointing to the right, read the word. Easy for a human, tough for a spambot. Spam has stopped.

Maybe overkill, but I like apes.

You can find many guides online on how to use Contact Form 7 and quizes.

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