This is what Techno sounds like

Sometimes I am asked what Techno sounds like. This is my list of examples.

(When Soundcloud greys out the sound display, click the X in the right upper corner. Also: If you want to listen to music from Soundcloud offline, just install a plugin into your browser.)

An Ambient track. Could be at the beginning of an opening set. („Ambient“ is a musical genre.)

Another one:

A smooth Dub Techno set by Nicolò Faggiani:

You may hear a minimalistic Techno piece like this „when the night is advanced“ in the club.

Same here. Phantastic track, if at the right time and if you are in the right mood. Dark, quite abstract and „reduced to the max“. Released, by the way, through Marcel Dettmann Records. Dettmann is resident DJ of the Berghain Club ,“my Mecca“.

Great set by Japanese DJ Yazi. A particularly nice track is between 33:00 and 37:00.

This is a fast set by Emmanuel. Notice how he beautifully transitions (at 7:00) from  the fast piece from the beginning into a a different one with a hypnotic, dreamlike quality that’s nevertheless brisk.

This one has two nice dark tracks between 5:10 and 14:30 by Bjarki and Monoloc. Tuesday Slump is a label from Munich, often to be found in the Rote Sonne.

This is a Dub Techno track by Twisted Psykie: „Strangers“. (The words are from the movie „Dark City„.)

A smoooooth Dub Techno set by Thomas Carmody. At around 26 minutes into the set he transitions quite nicely into „Strangers“. (Another transition into „Strangers“ is in the set by Nicolò Faggiani above, at around 51 minutes, by the way. See how you are beginning to see that a Techno set consists of multiple tracks? 😉 )

There are several sub-genres of Techno. DetroitDubElectroIndustrial can be explored (and bought) on Beatport or Bandcamp.

Two videos:

This one is a documentary about a Techno DJ:

And this is not Techno:

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