This is what Techno sounds like

A friend of ours, who just moved here from Reno, Nevada, asked me what that Techno music sounds like that I enjoy listening to. (There’s no proper Techno in the US, they say. I don’t know.) So I am putting together a short list of examples for her.

And why not share it? So here it is.


I am not convinced that this is a great idea of mine. Techno, I think, is a bit like Jazz or Opera in one respect: You get into it better if experienced live first.

Therefore I am quite certain that she, or anyone else listening to these pieces and mixes without prior exposure to the „real thing“ in a club or so, has a very good chance of disliking them.

Well then, after much ado and warning, here is the list.

(When Soundcloud greys out the sound display, click the X in the right upper corner. Also: If you want to listen to music from Soundcloud offline, search for „soundcloud download“ There are webservices available. Not sure if legal, so no link here.)

Ambient. Could be at the beginning of an opening set.

Same here.

Opening set by Acronym, a Swedish DJ. He played in Munich last weekend. If you want to understand a piece like this, don‘t jump around, rather try listening from beginning to end.

Short arrangement. It has Ambient and Dub Techno in it. Think about an abstract painting when listening to it, that might help.

You‘ll hear a piece like this „when the night is advanced“.

Same here. Phantastic piece, if at the right time and if you are in the right mood. Dark, quite abstract and „reduced to the max“. Released, by the way, through Marcel Dettmann Records. Dettmann is resident DJ of the Berghain Club ,“my Mecca“.

Great set by Japanese DJ Yazi, who performed in Munich recently. Very nice piece between 33:00 and 37:00.

Good one by Essika:

This one has two nice dark pieces between 5:10 and 14:30 by Bjarki and Monoloc. Tuesday Slump is a label from Munich, often to be found in the Rote Sonne.

When doing monotonous tasks, like building a website for example, I like listening to „flow“ music that’s at the same time soothing and „driving“.  This record, or something like this:

There are several sub-genres of Techno. DetroitDubElectroIndustrialMelodic  can be explored (and bought) on Beatport.

Two videos

This one is a documentary about a Techno DJ:

And this is not Techno:

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