Tips for Berlin: Art, food, comedy, music, Techno

I had the opportunity of visiting my now favorite city again, Berlin, and found a few places you might find interesting.

Read here about:

– art
– a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant
– stand-up comedy in English
– Sameheads, VOID, Tresor, Berghain
– irritating tourists

The Berlinische Galerie shows modern art. How much you’ll like the place will probably depend on the current exhibition. It‘s worth checking out.

Close to the Ostbahnhof is Holzmarkt, a relaxed place to hang out along the river.

Sameheads is a pretty weird … bar (I guess). The decor is unconventional indeed. Nice people. In the cellar they have a place for music.

They had an event by Janushoved that day, a lable from Denmark, with some really good ambient music.

On the way to Sameheads I stopped at a Mexican place because Google Maps said I would find vegan food there: Burrito Baby.
I went there three times in the following days, once with my friend Travis, who lives in Berlin. We both found the food really tasty. It reminded me of the taste of good Cal-Mex, which is so difficult to find in Europe.

Went again to the VOID club because they had another one of their Drumm & Bass nights. I had visited it about 7 weeks ago for a night of Liquid Drumm&Bass. This time they had 2 areas open: D&B and Techno. It was full of tourists (like me), whereas on my first visit, in the middle of the week, it was frequented by regulars. That was much better because the regulars knew how to dance to D&B. The tourists moved in a clumsy fashion.
Better don’t go on a weekend.

This night they played some very good D&B as well. The sets were long and had an almost Techno-like flow. I really can recommend their D&B nights.

Here‘s the line-up of that night:

If you are into eating check out the Markthalle Neun.

Visited two comedy events that I can recommend:

„Comedy Cartel invites you to Revolver, an English comedy show in a punk rock bar located in Berlin’s party district Kreuzberg.“
These events are organized by
Very funny! Not expensive.

And this one:

Saturday night: Tresor. The door of the Tresor is relatively easy, and therein lies the rub. Today the place is full of shouting, yelling, obnoxious tourists desperate to PARTEY in one of those COOL BERLIN CLUBS they read about in Lonely Planet or so. The connoisseurs, who came for the music, found it difficult to focus on it. Also the first set was disappointing. So Travis and I left after just two hours.

Travis goes home and I walk to the Berghain at 4 in the morning. What a difference! No misbehaving tourists. Just perfect music. Ahhhhh…. utter bliss!

The Berghain is only my second favorite place on this planet (Heart is where the Home is!) but if I had to choose between a weekend in Paris and a weekend in the Berghain, the latter it would be.
I have to catch a train Sunday afternoon so I can only stay for 9 hours.

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